Tuesday, February 24, 2004


Dick George Don Kleenex
the governments use Kleenex

Monday, February 23, 2004

Hi Heat Guy J / Robert Longo / TUSSLE / DCC

Flipping through Cable last night
landed on MTV new anime promo for MTV 2's
new series "Heat Guy J" .
Last night they played the first 2 , 30 min. episodes .
First episodes have to be the best
and I would watch it again - nice eye candy,
better then average sdtk and
enough fresh touches to stay on till the end .
But I doubt i'll subscribe to MTV 2 in order to keep seeing it .
MTV also had the asian high school martial arts meets Psi KI power battle "Volcano High" some wks bk ...

Friday night .Feb.20 Robert Longo had the opening for his new show of big charcoals "THE SICKNESS OF REASON" .
Thank you Robert for doing this show now
Christmas Island indeed
Big American power goes boom

Sierra Club notice about Cheney-Scalia
news blips about Halliburton continuing weekly now
Scientists come out loudly against Bush policies

Reviews & Radio Chart listings for
TUSSLE's "Don't Stop" Ep and also
DCC aka Death Comet Crew album "This Is Riphop"
(out March 2 on Troubleman) radio chart listings and reviews have started appearing , looking great !

Looking forward to US Gigolo Dom rerelease reviews

And we should have some major announcement(s) coming up soon enough

"Touching The Void"

Whoa ...
Saw this high mountain climbing movie the other week
during a chilly New York City afternoon - and we were further chilled by the cold , cold feeling the movie vividly presents.
As a climbing movie , it's quite good.
And as a precautionary before - you - go - to - the - hills
and in over your head silly human tale , it's even better.
Watching it was exciting and you have to feel for these 2 climbers who had a couple things go horribly wrong.
Same time I was thinking , this reminds me of those times when you are up in the mountains wet and cold ,
totally miserable thinking 'what am I doing here?'
Damn good question sometimes !
Overall , this movie takes you out of your comfort bubble ,
has a sweeping and not overly sappy soundtrack ,
funny use of Boney M in one bit and a must see for 'hard men', arm chair mountaineers and the million legions of
North Face wearers who will never get close to 'the hills' with their 'technical' clothing .

Official Dominatrix

This will be the 'Official' Dominatrix info site till further developments .
Gigolo's "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" Rere has done well,
and now I am preparing to get the rarely seen -
banned from MTV "Sleeps Tonight" music video copied for the Gigolo 150th release DVD.
This 1984 video was directed by Beth B (Co Director of
"The Offenders" and many other NYC video, Movie and art productions) , Coproduced by Beth and me and starred Dominique Davalos.
And the new Dom tracks are coming along nicely ...