Friday, June 04, 2010

Big early summer sound

Hot sun white skies blue temps rising through the days, humid emotional times.
Excellent Burning Ice docu; fun seeing some artists daft ideas,
Sakamoto recording glacier ice water flow, later ringing small Tibetan type bells out into silence.
Screening Journey To Zangskar was unexpectedly moving , cheers Mr. Marx and many happy returns !
Satisfaction inspiration hearing Moritiz Von Oswald Trio last night @ Warsaw.
Good to see Sasu again, drop off a 10" and just stand and listen to the keyboard sounds, synth subBass lines, sequenced patterns
and miked perc array Sasu sits behind.
Economic bad times cast long shadows on any music business, I'm hearing from ppl in all ends of the work.
But music and art has to go on, esp. the hybrid new and ancient native musiks.

May 23 East Village Radio Interview and new music selection on Jeff & Casey's "Just Music" should be up;
some first air for > a couple new Outpost mixes, new Ike Yard, Judy's Blueprints for Aural Cathedrals
also some afro futuristic traffic jam DCC's Galacticoast Mosi !

Outpost buzzing hard; pulling together dates for Europe tour Nov.-Dec. with Zoobooking,
mixing REC003 -and getting it's titles together , continually touching up the mixes
and now waist deep in next few songs taking shape.
Powerhouse recombinant bass musik(s).

Erykah Mon.
Dam Funk Sunday's Best 6/13
Tony Allen , Sal P DJ in StuyTown 6/16
Juana Molina " 6/23
Tinariwen @ Central Park 6/26