Saturday, April 04, 2009

gustywindy woman

Cold winds blowing outside the window
Last night a third outpost rehearsal with bassist Kent Heine from Holy Ghost, now preparing for recordings and first show(s) together later in April. Coming together ...
Thursday night DCC at 6/8 Studios with Nomi was great.
She came in and nailed her vocal tracks for Let The Clubs Ring, a harmony track sweet & chill.
And then onto redoing a section of Ignition Spark . That totally worked too and onto the next trks with DJ High Priest ...
He needed to do lay down his scratch fx for Clubs Ring and did so couple times through,
reloaded with more sounds and recorded again.
Monday we heard the Voodooists DAT's again for the first time in more than 10 years; Engineer Paul Geluso and I sat down at a worktable covered in gear and stuff in the top floor loft of an artist who was out of town.
The sun streamed in through many windows across the wide expanse of space,
and the tracks sound amazing !!
And there are many mixes on the DAT's: damballa alternate mixes , alt vocals mixes of Psycho ceremonial,
Jungle And The Zoo and stuff from the VideoVoudou LaserDisc title 1992 Japan ASK/Kodansha /Toshiba /EMI
like the ambient symbol based Obit and Loa pieces.
We had a close view of the Empire State Building filling the sky thanks to a special window cut while building
with that view in mind.
Bodes well for a second EP of deeper tracks coming later ; + Zoodoo, Zion dub from Neuromancer Audio Book ...

On the REC front; We are selecting our logo - courtesy of designer Zhao in Berlin,
we have the cover design for Voodooists EP coming up soon,
inspired by the Voodou mask art by member William Barg in late' 1980's.
The first Dystopians release is coming
and we are into preproduction on the Dominatrix remix Ep,
Voodooists remix Ep into the second Dominatrix EP this fall .
Plus this major rerelease series TBA soon
all clearing the decks for a new round of fresh musik for 2009 , 2010 ,2011 and beyond.

Lots went on around the planet this week.
Synchronicities came to light , conditions on the ground -changing through the week.
G20 Global economy highs and lows corners turned ? ( update : one dies in London )
Tonight , an Arthur Russell Event n W Village with Nomi singing