Saturday, March 04, 2006


7 AM
deep asleep until outside the crow pack agitated cawing
so loud they must upset about something - usually the hawk ...
Sure enough , looking out the window can see the hawk on a limb getting divebombed by the mad circling crows .
Then they all fly into the space by the building entrance and getting even louder.
i got up , got dressed and went down
but by the time i got out on ground level the crows had dispersed and flown off into the trees on the Oval , all was quiet .
One man coming around the Oval track , hardly anyone out yet ...
'Ok,no hawk i thought and went back towards my place
Looking up at a tree in front of the other building there was a nest falling out of the tree and as I started around the corner of the hedge
I stopped because there was the hawk standing on it's prey under the tree ,
suddenly looking quite large and steely cold ...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

DCC Euro Tour June

This is still coming together but it looks like Death Comet Crew will be setting out on a European tour in June with Berlin looking like 6/9 and Portugal 6/15 -17.
The 5 members of DCC will rock and riphop through songs from This Is Riphop and
the new Ep's Drag Racing also me , Czar of the Magyars , deepSpacewoman,
Ignition Spark and will also be performing other album tracks.
DCC = me (SA) , DJ High Priest , Michael Diekmann , Shinichi Shimokawa &
The Rammellzee .
On the new tunes we got some great help from Honeychild Coleman and Nadia Lippman who did their own style vocals text rapping .

Berlin gig already sounds promising with possible big sponsor , in -Store w/ live art and concert ...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

the happening world

26 killed in latest attacks in Iraq
Senior Islamic jihad Commander killed in Gaza blast
Dafur war crosses border
Dateline March 1. North Waziristan.Pakistan strikes militant training camp
3 helicopter gunships attacked the mountain hideout
reportedly killing 45 fighters including a Chechen Commander
after they had returned from making attacks in Afghanistan
Maoists kill 22 in India by planting a landmine in a remote corner of Central India

Bush makes a surprise visit to Afghanistan on his way to India
a car packed with explosives was rammed into a vehicle carrying an American diplomat and 3 Pakistani's killing all 4 in Karachi Consulate blast

Belarus Candidate Aleksandr V.Kazulin arrested and beaten ahead of March 19th elections . Kazulin is running against entrenched strongman Lukashenko .
Kazulin was held 8 hours and had a busted lip and blood on his clothes when he was released today

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What killed the cat in Ruegen ?

Over the weekend it appears a poor hungry cat ate a bird with the H5N1 bird flu and died ,
another report has about a hundred dead birds reported around the Baltic Sea island.
This follows the infection of wild cats and housecat in S Asia's outbreaks of H5N1