Saturday, December 13, 2003

Deutsch Nepal

I recently took time to catch up on groups from German 1970's Space Rock and Kosmiche' genres I missed first time around and also have been sinking into the 3 Neu! Albums from then too.
And in the past weeks , Amon Duul 2 , Cluster ,
Faust and THE NAZGUL rerelease .
Also Harmonia's "Immer Wieder" (Rother/Rodelius/Mobius '75) and other stuff recorded at Conny Plank's Studio.
I won't call it 'Kraut Rock'
(maybe it's that name that kept me away from it before)
and I won't call that Dinger Neu! beat 'motorik' again
after rding Interview with Klaus Dinger .
- no matter how nice I thought 'motorik' sounded .
Thanks MD & Perfect Sound Forever

Sunday, December 07, 2003


DJ High Priest pulled even more classic / obscure hiphop jams out his bag last Friday night on WNYU FM ,
in there was an acetate 7" he made of
his beats and voice chant thing going on and alot of wild , exclusive early , crucial tracks that make the parties go off.
Its been great hearing these tracks he's been playing in the last months since I caught up with the Priest ...
I played the DJ Red Alert "Scratch Me Beat Me" Dominatrix mix from the B Side of the original 1984 WEA Int. 7" single of "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" and
the current Gigolo Rerelease remix by Black Strobe .
Kicking forward ...
An Ike Yard track , "Half A God" was next from the 1982 Factory America Album , that's Ken Compton on bass and vocals and we ended with DCC's "America" ,
live from The Pyramid Club 1984 .
Thanks to Daniel & Teresa @ WNYU for making it all work
Last we saw High Priest , he was hding to Houston St. to go bk across town with his black record bag slung up on his shoulder , snow was blown pretty good .
I will get the WNYU url ,
they will probably put the show up on their site.