Friday, September 26, 2008

Time traveling oceanic mafia

Heroes new season
10,000 BC, The Shield
Somali pirates seize Ukrainian ship Faina that is enroute to Africa carrying arms and tanks,
the US Navy is chasing and Russia's Dauntless being deployed.
August Darnell on corner of First Avenue and 13th St.
Very good week of music so far
Alien run through Tue's
DCC rehearsal at 6/8 Studios last night,
tonight outpost rehearsal @ 6 ...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Metabolists live

Although it is set to be demolished,
some people are living in the Nakagin Capsule Building Tower , at least until this July ...

I always had a great spot for Kisho' Kurokawa's designs and ideas about urban living, esp. his ocean city plan for Tokyo.
We are laughing now in our clifftop about the possible CM about Capsule Tower lifestyle,
in the evening a single man is making a drink, ice tinkling in glass, probably Whisky and sets down by his circular window as late setting sun rakes the old train tracks adjacent.
Cue Brian Eno's "Becalmed" ...

I don't think one can even go inside the Tower any more.
Too bad they couldn't give the outside capsules a power wash,
given it's location close by highway decades of exhaust smearing down the sides of the hard concrete shapes.
Maybe gone this year ...

The movie TOKYO ! an omnibus by Directors M Gondry, Carax and Bong is out now and Gondry's part has exterior scenes shot at the Nakagin Tower building , soundtrack music by Hasymo.