Sunday, November 21, 2010

New musik

Last Saturday in Charlottenburg at Modena , I excitedly began programming new pieces and by now have three ;
Chrlottenburg 1 Endloss, Rotterdam 1 and Scenes like these

Moods, synthetic layers , new bts and rhythms I hear outside of the groups

Rotterdam notes

Nov.3- 23

Newark - NYC

Outpost 13
Produced JG Ballard tribute to Porto's Serralves Foundation 11/6 which went well
gig slot at Lounge in Lisbon 11/5 which was fun
Raum 20 show we put together w Kim Laugs in Berlin- great night w Christoph de Babylon, O 13 , Jamie Vex'd DJ set ,
Chris Timeblind live & DJ Zhao
and in London the group recorded 6 songs w Jonny Mugwup live inside Resonance FM . to be "cast Dec.11 Tba

Time wave zero
Purity control
Black neurons
Two for tomorrow


Vandal Tribes Ep by O 13 & Luca Davis is now released digitally ! ... looking for first reviews Dec.

2011 we should be able to add a select series of vinyl co productions through arrangement w Gianluca at Opilec Music, Italy tba

Andalusia , Tall white wind turbines along the tops of hills , cobblestone Sevilla streets , parks , diners around Hercules,
Being let of he bus in medium high wind in Tarifa and looking out to Morroco the next morning.
Berlin music world , Kreutz koln , Prenlauer Berg , Charlottenburg in and out of Tegal
great to return after 2005 DCC tour and do such a great show w great artists
London music world , also a great update w friends, Kensington Park pond , M14 bus from Albert Museum,
late night taxi ride from London Bridge Station to S Kensington

And after London, Eurostar to Brussels, then to Rotterdam by Wed night.
Last night was interesting, i was booked to do a 'Factory Records ' post punk ' electronic set and possibly do something 'live'
being I had a Synth with me. At soundcheck everything was sounding pretty good in the room and adjusted and tweaked a bit .
The party went off well, the host had published the book "Rotterdam 2040", drinks flowed and a Dj played rockabilly and once touched on the Velvets "im waiting for my man". That was a good moment soon evaporated as all kinds of other people came teeming in .
When I began my set w Popnoname before 1 AM , things felt good .
But after about 4 tracks, I was clearing out the room and we called for the hard driving main DJ to return earlier then he expected...

I had began The Wind Up Girl on this trip and finished it yesterday.
wished it had gone on longer, but it is a good companion to this Euro trip Nov.2010.
Emiko gambate wherever you are now ...

Fly out of Amsterdam Monday to Lisbon
overnight and back to Newark -NYC Tue's

It's been great - and good to have some time to rest between hauls