Monday, February 09, 2009

Fire engulfs Chinese building

A huge disaster burning on the Beijing skyline .
An unfinished hotel by Rem Koolhaas went up Monday,
video clips raw Ballardian spectacle ...

Moon palace

Warm days over the weekend led to pools of water standing on the Oval.
Kyoto garden featured on NHK; a fall made of stones with moss lakes instead of water.
A somewhat humanoid shape is going up the fall , where it will turn into the dragon.
Another program the other day was on moon watching in Kyoto, a mostly darkened house with open back and white moon above ...
Last night we went out to meet a friend visiting the city , Mikado from Tokyo , 22 year old son of one of Noyuri's old friends.
So a bunch of old friends got together, Megumi, Milo and their sons, Satoru and Nanae, also Atsushi and Sayuri for Thai food in Chinatown.
Retired to a Chinese bar with Karaoke down the street for a few more.
The moon shines bright last night and tonight.
Later last night Sundance Asian Horror Fest. aired "Vital" starring Tada Asano,

Music news:
outpost @ AvantFairfax Fest. April 25 with Kohoutek , Insect Factory , Stag Hare and others. Post > psy > prog >
Ike Yard Ep TBA
Dominatrix release on iTunes coming soon on Rec
Voodooists rerelease to begin next with Spider dance 2009 mix out in March.
DCC ongoing
Nowthenafter SurroundSound DVD coming later this spring through Harvestworks