Saturday, May 13, 2006

Which way the wind blow

Last Friday evening Noyuri and i went from The Whitney over to the Met in time to see the AngloMania show in the cool period detailed rooms,
up to the roof in time to grab some seats and watch the red and purplish sunset
framing lush new green of the spring trees filed in
The Kara Walker show was impressive too , very much enjoyed on a few levels
We like the air there in the Met , like in the big Egyptian Room

The week before there had been a really big warehouse fire on the other side of the East river that burned for the whole morning , the biggest fire since 9/11 they said
as the alternating whitish , greyish and blackish smoke poured to plume up into the sky on down the river across the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges stoppping some trains into Brooklyn . We had heard the choppers in our sleep but noticed my first thought wasn't automatically 'uh oh is this another terrorist attack ?
I guess that reflex has been tempered here locally by the Con Ed fire and black out

Got out of town by bus up to Delhi to Studio Wednesday;
Cloud cover broke up in bright white sunshine
Trees lower down the mountains were coming in
bright fresh green, evergreens darker green,
many shades in between up and through the hills
Wide mountain valley sweeps across hill tops hidden in rain clouds
bright sun on surging rivers we crossed
Slightly looney grizzled character on the bus pacing back and forth and talking to himself , hit himself upside the head once or twice while he sat there
Dead black cat curled up by the side of the road
Two long necked ducks flew by
Nice fresh and warm crossing the Delaware River in Delhi
walking to the Studio from the Station

The next day in the cafe the old Yes song came on Starship Trooper
probably had not heard that in 15 years or more ,
nice melody of the instrumental coda , remembering as it played on
and on into the Doors LA Woman
Returned Thursday night .
Another great session : new DCC , new mix of Judy Nylon's Yellow Rose Of Texas
Dystopians first demo for May

DCC dropped plans for European dates in June after consideration;
will regroup and plan to go out after the Meteosound 12" has been out for awhile >
The Album work continued at Paul's with a new session for our track
Let the Clubs Ring .
We had never worked on that one at Paul's
so had to get that stuff together then
we were ok to proceed with adding new bass line, vocal chorus and bring it to a new place , more low down body rock electro riphop then it was before ...

Now i get to redo my June - July plan ...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Japan tremors rising ?

Asian Earthquakes warning continuing

Things are really hopping on Akira's Earthquake Report on Japanese mixi community Info from experts sensors analysis of rising often undersea seismic activity
May 3 tremors
Kanto area warning , Fuji Mt area
4 Izu has quake , but no injuries or damage reported
7 Tochigi " "
8 Shikoku " "
9. Nagano " "

Yesterday there was a big quake drill in Tokyo ,
citizens practicing routes out of their neighborhoods
taking into account all the probable downed buildings and
burning confusion of blocks on fire

the forecast is for something more to happen between now and the 12th ...

Monday, May 08, 2006

Death Comet Crew with The Rammellzee on Meteosound - Shitkatapult

Just put on Let It Bleed

24 has 3 hours left , moon is out

preparing to go upstate to Paul's Studio again Wed. to work on more new DCC Album tracks and Dystopians demo

* Death Comet Crew with The Rammellzee Drag Racing on
Berlin's Meteosound-Shitkatapult 12" in July
Summer Rockin
Stomping Gothic Futurism Rider ...

Have started the liner notes for the New York Noise 3 release on Soul Jazz ,
just about got all the tracks in.
I have all these datebook diaries from between 1978 - 1984
so i have entries for every day & night of that period
All the shows all those nights
how many I'd like to know myself