Saturday, February 26, 2011

into spring AD

you can feel spring is coming
in the light you can feel it, the sun's position changes, flares.
Some nights cold , some a little warmer, snow mostly gone and what's left is dirty.
Nightly walks to Mark's studio turning O13's new recordings beyond roughs into demo form.
Crossing St. Mark's Church grounds, by the Japanese strip w Panya, Sunrise Mart ending in St. Mark's Books on the corner

Ike Yard "Nord" album vinyl out soon on Desire, Paris
DCC's "Galacticoast Mosi" 12" coming in June TBA
Synths & kyboards for Nomi's songs.
Continuing polystyle pieces for my album project's first EP next year : 'Rotterdam 1 +' ,'Endloss Park', '2258' + +
past and future Fin de Siecle
Satie pace , no tempo, drift, pop ambient, Debussy, Ballet Russe. Klimt, Ernst, Steranko

Coming out next ;

A Taut Line & Hong Kong In The '60's "Don't Wake Me" Ep - w a Dominatrix remix
THE UNIT'S CONNECTIONS album - w a Dominatrix remake of "i,Night", an early fave UNIT'S track from 1980
Mirror Mirror RVNG. INT EP - collaboration w Mirror Mirror went well from the start and came out very nice
DIRTY WATERS 2 - Kris Need's essential series continues w '70's into punk - w The Rudements, first group in N.Va.- DC '77

Outpost 13 returns to London and Europe in mid April for shows @
4/14 MIllenium @ Electro Choc Festival Fr
4/15 Vortex Club w Jonny Mugwup London
4/23 Chodosonik Sunergia & meakusma presents Live Scene , Eupen, Belgium