Wednesday, March 05, 2014

NY State O Mind

In the time we call 'the twentyfirst century'... Having survived this far, there is much to be done. New York City moves in a few directions, the talent bank is still so deep. Music still changes here. The art world's current phase i find less interesting then other forms, although of course there are always exceptions. There is alot of *hit and the hard questions seem not to be asked. Needs to step it up. Nearly all the structures, institutions we have created are either already outdated / fallen apart or will soon be changed /'disrupted' / redone. Whether we like it , work in those zones or not ...
Do we remember any 'promising future' ? 'cyberpunk' ? the disruption of 'punk' itself ? the sweet oblivion undercover of night ?

The Happening World ( ref. John Brunner )
Black rain is near completion of the new Album "Dark pool" for Blackest Ever Black. We are good w this label and like the quality.
T shirts and Expanded Soundtracks 1994 -95 Edition coming as well.
"Dark pool" moves as a movie / dream from the watering hole here the new creatures come to drink ... to the mega city, from mech to biologic.
With stops at "BladeRunner 2: Edge Of Human"'s Tyrell Corp. family and "The Windup Girl" N Thai to let our post humans and constructs make plans or refresh.
Guest vocals - special guest is Zoe Zanias aka Alison Lewis.
If you don't know her work yet, you might soon.
We are working w Oliver Chapoy ( Certain Creatures ) on this one in BK and about to go into mixing.

Ike Yard is gearing up to tackle end process' on the new Album "Rejoy".
The Reissue of the Factory America Album from 1982 and the 3 remix Ep's will all be sold out soon.
And it has been great fun to work w Regis , Monoton , Tropic Of Cancer, Recombinant, Powell, Vessel, The KVB , Bandshell , Epilektrician and most recently , Orphan Swords on getting these remix Ep's together.
Coming up is a round up of 9 IY remixes on CD from Desire, also a special edition for Japan w J remixes.
Then we look at transfering the Masters of the 1981 first Ep "Night After Night" and begin another process for reissuing that one.

Dominatrix 30th Anniversary of "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" is now.
Working on the new recombinant live show w new front woman TBA , TBC for mid May. Major reissue w liner notes from David Tompkins and members plus unreleased cuts & cover versions of songs we used to do live circa 1984 -85.
TBA on Traffic/ Phase One /Streetwise.

Death Comet Crew. Out of the blue and into the black vinyl.
The first album ever is out now on Powell's Diagonal w our last tracks w The Rammellzee (RIP) plus Nomi Ruiz , Carolyn Honeychild Coleman and Rammell's friend Rapscallion.
Followed by the citinite EP of post Rammellzee tracks.
DCC live , DCC 1986 - second phase 'machine roc / cyber rock' releases mooted.

I left o13 in Dec.

A v cool comp. of 1980's Japanese music is underway w Mr. Wayne Sterling

Our first Book - working title "Low Rise" is underway w Evan Calder Williams

'Diaries of Nightclubbing 1978 - 1990' underway

'polystyle' SA Ep & album has been in programming for 5 years and god of biomechanics willing a first EP will appear this year, followed by the first Album.
In part , a return to club music. New forms

"The First Nine Billion" near future based book underway


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