Thursday, March 27, 2008

Olympic games

Set the alarm for 7 AM
As has been a recent pattern last week while half sic ,
wake up around 5 laid there thinking about the day's meeting then feel bk to dream.
Invited out to the island for party with Noyuri, a few artist types are hanging around a large house from the sixties.
We start to talking and it turns out this is going to be a gig night with a few bands lined up to play.
Somehow it then turns into the first real Dystopians gig when we are going to come out rocking a full set.
But I have forgotten my laptop and so I run out to the wide street to catch a taxi bk home and try to get bk in time.
A taxi pulls over and slows , I pull the door open but the car doesn't fully stop.
Being I am carrying some black duffel, I cannot carry it run and jump in and looking up I see the open car door is going to hit a side barrier where the road merges with expressway.
Snap awake at 6:58

Obama on the state of the economy
Court find city negligent in Staten Island ferry crash
US sends wrong missile part to Taiwan
AEY Inc also sold Chinese made munitions for use in Afghanistan
Another company found supplying 40 year old ammo for use in Afghanistan Rozel Point Utah
Carla Bruni in London
N Korea expels all South Korean officials
Lhasa Tibet 30 Tibetan monks protest inside Buddhist temple during highly controlled first press tour
Poland looking at ways to express their unhappiness with CCP's (mis)handling of Tibet.
The Epoch Times headline article on the CPP's manipulation of the alleged Tibetan 'Riots'.
which an X CCP official believes were carefully planned to discredit Dalai Lama, justifying suppression ahead of the Games.
"Just like they did on 3/5 '89" says Mr's. Daxian and Pokong - himself a Han Chinese student democracy movement member.
Chile Salmon virus
Intacto - striking enough to see twice in one day
The Dancer Upstairs - good too but in other ways
Consumer confidence drops more than forecast 64.5 a 5 year low
CBGB's shop to close in June
Megascaled plan for towers looming above the High Line
the Authorities select Tishman & Speyer architect's plan for West Side Rail yards project

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Break in message

News comes today that a large part of the Wilkins Ice shelf in Antarctica has collapsed ...
This by itself will not raise ocean levels , but the melting and break up occured much faster then expected.

Russians doing more mammoth ivory carving thanks to the tundra revealing more formerly frozen remains

With the passing of Arthur C Clarke Rip @ 90 at his home the other week in Sri Lanka :
All those stories , The Nine Million Names Of God , Against The Fall Of Night , Childhood's End
and Clarke's Third Law ('62) 'Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic'.
Preparing humans for next stage of evolution wasn't he ...

470 light years away ,
in an area of outer space we have called A B Aurigae
dusty detritus material seems to be condensing into a new planet that may end up being '5 -37 times the size of Jupiter'