Thursday, December 14, 2006


New ike yard music Traffikers, elysians, odaiba cassette + untitled pieces

10 years after Diana's death the London Police report comes out
Another London ripper ?
God on your i Pod

the helicopters buzz back and forth
fading glow from the sunset last night
pink sky turning to blue
low wave of clouds shades of purple undersides
through the low fog yellow sodium lamps came on in the distance

Went through all the perc programmed so far for Traffikers today, changed many of the sounds previously chosen, just swept through the whole thing smoothing it out, refining it back from club music, dance sounds

golden glow across the sky , window reflecting bright yellow gold molten vibrating

group of small pink clouds blue on the bottom
with what looks like blue cloudburst trailing under them
in front of a huge looming bank of gray cloudmass
black gray brown citymass on the skyline through fogscreen
The rows and rows of rooftops go darkened across downtown
Someone somewhere in town running across rooftops

Up late poring over maps of the Arctic circle

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

electric / riphop / dark matter / klub pop

Ike Yard < > DCC < > Dystopians < > Dominatrix
All going on at this time

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

People Are Strange

After having lived with their hits for all my life really,
I began to dig the Doors in a more specific way a few months ago.
Have been listening to Strange Days and Soft Parade after bringing those CD's bk from Tokyo in Sept..
Found a rather silly discussion on ILM, mostly a shuttered view of people who didn't live through the period when the group was really pretty essential.
As usual, if someone can do 'better', then get on up and try !
On wkend rd Jerry Hopkins and Danny Sugerman's "No One Gets Out Of Here Alive",
and that helped me burn through the borrowed CD of LA Woman quickly.
A couple great ones obv ( title cut and Riders ) but too many easy blues retreads.
Good to get the bk story and now have gotten that out of the system.

More solid, good reviews of the Ike Yard rere came in from Todd @ Car Park's HQ.
Swept through the programming of the new pieces Traffikers, Elysians, 'Ike Yard 3.
Got inspired to assemble first word images into lyrics for something I decided to do - a new version of Oshima Cassette which was a nice cut that the group never recorded very well bk in the day.
This was a chugging forward piece approaching song form, lyrics about this far away land I knew a little about, Tokyo Japan
Now it's updated to become Odaiba Cassette, words based on things, places, people from last trip to Tokyo Bay's artificial islands , giant buildings and beach.

'That's a picture I really like
on an advert ripped free from it's wall by September's wind storm
Jusglitty winter bleache white blonde, a little overtanned
walking past her own WANTED poster
turns to smile
long coat open around her naked hip'

Another session on Thurs, finetuning the new stuff ...