Tuesday, November 02, 2004

"Los Nino's Del Parque"

Thanks to a kind soul over @ ElectroDiscoPunks ,
i find this old grainy video clip of LD doing "Los Ninos Del Parque" live,
Christlo manning the Oberheim bank , with Beate Bartel and Krishna G voc


Chrislo Haas RIP

Shocked to hear this AM that DAF and Liasions Dangeruses founding member Chrislo Haas has died at 48 years old on Oct.24 ...

My wife found out this news on a Japanese site and told me when i got up .

Not only was Chrislo a crucial player on DAF's "Die Kleinen Und Die Bosen"
- just listen to Christlo's synth on "Osten wahrt am Langsten" the first cut of that album ...
but Liasions Dangeruses and later Crime In The City Solution and his own CD "Low" as well.
Seeing the cover of "Low" right now reminds me of a story i heard when i was living in W Berlin bk in 1983 , that Chrislo was the one who came up with the logo shape that became the Einstrurzende Neubauten 'logo' ...

When i first arrived in W Berlin in spring 1983 after getting stabbed one night here in NYC , my friends there were people i met through Martin Fischer (RIP also) ,
my synth playing roommate in The Futants and they all took me in and treated me so well.
I ended up staying with Chrislo for awhile in his LD headquarters ,
a spartan concrete floored loft in Kreutzberg where the main room held his Oberheim racks of synth and sequencer gear.
Chrislo was not an easy guy and already hardbitten core ,
but a tape i had of my previous electronic group Ike Yard provided entree into a couple weeks of guarded 'roommate' friendship and a place on an extra futon on his floor there .
Those were the wild crazy days and late nights in W Berlin , hanging out, living ,
eating drinking, smoking Turkish tabac mixed with hash with the other crows' ,
as LD Album cover artist Karen Luner called our crew .
When someone had some money , we took the others who were hungry out to eat with us and later passed what we had around.
Krishna came 'round one day and Beate was living close by herself as were all the Malaria woman , Blixa had his squat house over in another neighborhood.

Last time I saw Christo , I brought Michael Diekmann and Shin from DCC over to Maxwell's to hear Crime And The City Solution , and there came Chriso bounding up from downstairs with a wide grin ...

Wow ... RIP at age 48
I'm glad he saw the rerelease of the Liasions Dangeruses Album ,
Here's to Christo - they don't make 'em like him anymore