Saturday, October 06, 2007

Blue Black on Ike Yard Myspace

Ike Yard has put up two new pieces from recent sessions
IY10 is something we will continue doing ,
may show up in next shows at Issue Project Room (10/26) and Vassar (11/7)

And Blue Black is a probably one time only jam we did one day

Friday, October 05, 2007

Breaking glass

Dystopians live ...
Dystopians are setting the next Movie night soon

hot in the city tonight
the night sounds got louder again
carrying through fogged out heat misted streets

The Soot Records party @ Bowery Poetry Club with Maga Bo , Matt Shadetek , Filastine & Rupture
Also Daniel Meteo is @ The Bunker ( ?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

black rain comes back , brings The Voodooists

As part of ongoing discussions on what my new label Rec will be handling,
one part will be rereleases.
So we have been going over the Voodooists cuts and tracks
(1992 Warlock Records 12" Damballa 2000/The Jungle And The Zoo, '92 Ask/Kodansha/EMI Laserdisc "VideoVoudou",
1990 "Queen Of Voudou" B side of Married To The Mob Sdtk 7")
that include extra cuts created for the William Gibson Neuromancer Audio Book (TimeWarner Anniversary Edition 1994) like
ZooDoo, Zion Dub and another dub piece.
Voodooists only made that one 12" ( please don't buy it from Warlock, we'll never see a penny - get it from us @ Rec)
, never played live, featured vocals by an East NY dwelling Fifth Generation Voudou priest and his mambo's -
and was the musik to go with Gibson's cyber voudou creations of Count Zero as well as his Neuro' orbiting crew.
Damballa 2000 / The Jungle And The Zoo / Psycho Ceremonial and more ...
*hit sounds pretty great still ...

black rain 1989 - 1998
One of the other major groups we did that remains unrereleased (and by now barely Googleable) is black rain.
A driving reasons we are doing a label is so we do not have to find a new label for every single group.
Doing it for Dominatrix (Gigolo) , DCC (Gomma , Troubleman, Delic Records Japan) and Ike Yard (Acute Records , Soul Jazz)
was enough of an effort, I tell you But what can one do ?
Start a new label as the majors faces crumble ...

Back to black - rain
This group was crushing, once we got going and lost our first vocalist (push those memories of that first show @ Pyramid opening for Young Gods further back in the brain forest ) .
Post Punk songs in a quasi -'Misfits meets ENB' mode that made up the first cassette release
( Gass, Wired, Here Today Gone Today and Change Is The Rule ),
were surplanted by the Videodromic to galaxy scaled range of the Violence Ch. -Pulse Of Nothingness -Carrier trilogy.
By 1993 the group recorded with special guest Roy Mayorga ( drummer / musician then in Thorn, later in Stone Sour)
who rocked the guitar for us in final hard thrashing recordings of Wired (redux) and C- Factor.
Roy also joined us for live shows in Tompkins Square Park (Anniversary of the riots show) on fierce pounding tribal drums alongside black rain's Thom Furtado.
Never finding a good label , black rain mach one played our fire starting show @ The Bank, C - Squat,
dabbled in vidclips and sdtks for Pepe Moreno' Hell Cab , then broke and morphed into a largely William Gibson soundtrack creating entity consisting of br guitarist Shinichi Shimokawa and moi.
Bones , master bassist from black rain is of course now my mate in Dystopians.

By 1994 we were asked by WG to do the original music for the Neuromancer Audio Book the Voodooists also worked for.
This musik burned all the cyber junk that many Industrialists' were parlaying at the time, free in it's creation with the go- ahead of the man himself.
That was followed quickly by the music creation for Robert Longo's "Johnny Mnemonic" movie in 1995.
We did the alot of musik for that one, all jettisoned by Sony when they came on board and bought us out leaving one cut "Memory Johnny" on the Japanese "JM" release.
From what I've heard since we were lucky to get anything from Sony and that whole deal ...
Aaah , the stories we could tell.
They did keep some of the music I temped up onto the picture though ( remember Stabbing Westward ? that was one of Sony's artists in their catalog I was hired to go through).
black rain had better luck finding a label of sorts (- albeit the sort that's hard to get to pay) in the form of Wash DC's Fifth Column Records (remember um Chem Lab ? Jared did try to help us there).
So there was a CD Album in 1995 called "1.0" and a followup in '96 called "nanarchy" , both filled with Sci Fi black rain
while 1.0 has both C- Factor from br mach 1 and Lo Tek tracks from br mach 2.
Post Industrial we were calling it often ...

So watch for them , they're coming and every bit great in their ways as Dom, DCC, IY ...

Soul Jazz' New York Noise Photo Book essay

Bright Lights White Noise , an essay on the new Soul Jazz New York Noise Photo Book is up @ NYFA
Aaah, but you have to register on the site to see it !
Well, it's worth it if you make it through there people

Other news on der Soul Jazz front;
We find out that the Noise 3 edition has by end of June sold over 5000 copies.
All those people got Ike Yard's Loss and A Dull Life (unreleased and available no where else)
plus the unreleased Dom cut City That Never Sleeps and all the other great music on New York Noise 3
Cheers all around Soul Jazz !