Sunday, June 14, 2009

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Stayed on track this past week;
after returning from upstate Sunday,
found the Lady Gaga music video for Love Game to be a partial hommage' ahem to our old "Sleeps Tonight" video.
Contacted Cevin Fisher to see what's up with his "Women Beat Their Men" track that's floated about and surfaced on various compilations over the er decades. No response.
Sent Luca' text to Jamie.
outpost played @ Cake Shop Thurs night : Good turnout, good sound, zero real problems,
Glorytellers and Joe Lally completing a nice bill of music on a semi rainy night.
Thanks Pat ( These Are Powers ), Paul, MD, Hiromi, Atsushi and everyone that made it out !
Out to Sunset Park BK last night to Al Diaz birthday ( Al was Samo graff partner, played on the infamous Beat Bop record that JM Basquiat produced and performed as Elephant Dance @ TR3 bk in 1981),
heard this Hungarian flavored violinist in the Union Sq. subway, donated some $, gave him my card, got his card.

Iran voted Fri, Analog tv died, Newt crawled out to say some stuff ...

This week we have Zomby Mon. night @ Plan B ?
outpost records the remainder of Judy Nylon's narration for Luca's text project plus her JG Ballard narration,
and the Nowthenafter listening party on Fri. @ Harvestworks ( free ) ...

Sun's come back out of the clouds.
Now listening to Tim Hecker "The Inner Shore " from An Imaginary Country