Sunday, November 05, 2006

"A Dull Life"

Have been down with browser issue for some days,
but hanging out listening to New York Noise 3 'natch.
CMJ came and went, missed Pixeltan and the Car Park showcase.
Have been working on: preparing for new Ike Yard music and thinking about 'IY live',
DCC's finishing the Album, the last round of recordings coming up,
'Live from Japan '05 CD in 2007...
Dystopians about to begin another round of work,
wrote lyrics for a new song in Tokyo and made the bts when i got bk and we should be recording after Dec.
"Diaries Of A Nightclubber"is the major new project i was showing around Tokyo to Kan , Makoto and Ukawa, developed an idea for footnotes and will be trying to morph into a proper demo stage ASAP

Now with New York Noise 3, maybe some pundits , music reviewers can begin to understand what Ike Yard was doing - that, no it's not 'pop' music ,
not really much like UK groups the Cab Volts, etc. and not all that dark considering when we were making that music on the rerelease.
Certainly no looking back after 20 plus years - and people can now catch up to Ike .