Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ike Yard post show

It felt like our best show so far tonight @ Issue Project Room
That was show 4 after reforming
The sound is morphing gelling into other levels now
since these last sessions in past weeks
The whole energy is up

Some people came out in the rain
and they heard almost an hour of 12 of the most interesting pieces of song forms
they had heard this year

Show 5. Now were psyched for Vassar the week after next Nov. 7 ...
We will be talking about art , culture music in the 1980's into 90's @ 8 and then in concert @ 10
They're getting a good subwoofer for us , should be a top show

Monday, October 22, 2007


Warm days and nights again
clear sun and clouds today,
sharp colors of a rainbow halo out there now
Rehearsals for Ike Yard 10/26 , programming for Ike Yard and DCC ,
session last week with Judy Nylon for upcoming release
Running a bit from thing to thing ...
Video clips from NHK pet show about Japanese who have these tiny fox dog creatures ,
shots of the little fox darting around on a lease
Barefoot Gen was on last night, a hard look at the horrendous death and aftermath of the atomic blast on Hiroshima
A walking tour of Odessa was on Mon., stray cats gathering to be fed on an old plaza
Bhutto motorcade blast , Phillipines bombing, smuggled footage of monks being beaten in Myanmar

missed Vex'd @ Love Sat. ,
will probably miss the band Hisham has put together for Damo Suzuki's show @ Monkeytown Tue's ( probably sold out)
Soul Jazz sent us Brazil 70, the after- Tropicalia music collection which we have been playing and playing,
also the Box Of Dub with Kode 9 and DM

DCC got a pretty cool review for the new 7" on Dusted

Or for a shortcut, here's the text content:

Death Comet Crew
“One on Ones” b/w “The Taking of Pelham DCC” 7”
Bangin' new tracks from DCC, who have elected to go this one alone. Ominous synths and guitars lurk and snarl beneath a barrage of breaks and scratchin' on “One on Ones,” while whispered vocals slip past in the night. “Pelham” applies a slower break and a somewhat Mo'Wax style crime/jazz/trip hop approach, which works out less NYC than the A-side but more urban in general. It's a brisk return to form from some folks who have put in overtime and rarely got their due.

The DCC 7" is available through OtherMusic or from the group