Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Death Comet Crew aka DCC @ CMJ Fridaynight

A group that operated bk in the mid 1980's ,
Death Comet Crew aka DCC , also known as Death Star Crew (the Danceteria 2 gigs) and earlier as Arena Sex Death
(the Pyramid 1984 gigs) will do their first show in uh, 20 years this coming wkend @ CMJ as head of the Troubleman Showcase w/ Tmu'mates Glass Candy and
The Rodgers Sisters and more .
DCC on @ 10:30 Main Stage Knitting Factory .

Shin has arrived from Tokyo . Check
DJ High Priest . Check
The Rammellzee .Check

DCC will do tracks from the upcoming Album and
some new stuff as well .
When we set out to rerelease DCC musik ,
once we got "Exterior Street" onto the "AntiNY" Compilation from Gomma - then Sen's "PowerCuts" Comp. had
"Exterior Street" on again and things kept rolling
But I didn't think at the time that we would be playing CMJ !

As Rammell often says ... 'Battlestations !'