Thursday, May 13, 2004

Twilight Wind Chime Orchestra

that's the name of the slightly unusual and very young Japanese duo that stood out from the others on last night's on NHK's 'On Air Battle' ,
let you know if/when they actually record ...

Correction. Yesterday's Rammellzee "Bi -Conicals"int. was with SWEDEN's
"Sex" ('6') Magazine . In depth questioning , but fun
we were laughing to remember early J M Basquiet and his broken (possibly sat on) cornet ...

Listening : the box set of Happy End
Noyuri's brother brought from Tokyo last week .
You may have heard Happy in the karaoke scene and end titles of
"Lost In Translation" Sdtk .
They were Haruomi 'Harry' Hosono's group before Yellow Magic Orchestra.
Guitar based , ala Moby Grape , CSNY .
Great box for fans , much info and so well organized .

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

shaved eyebrow

* Last week I was sent a bibliography in progress on the works of author
William Gibson and spent some time ms'ing bk to fill in some things .
Was fun going back over projects we did with Gibson over the years,
the CG video & audio presentation "Hip Tech High Lit"
partner William Barg and i got together for The Caravan Of Dreams in Fort Worth Texas '87 , the Movie projects that may have happened if ...
+ the "Neuromancer" 10th Anniversary Audio Book '94 and
the dev/production/post of the "Johnny Mnemonic" movie '95

X missed Arnaud from Black Strobe DJing @ Table 50 .Sat. night ...

* this AM , short feature on NHK about the Newar style Vajra Hotel in Kathmandu Nepal . Interviews with the manager woman from Germany who also did her theatrical presentations there .
Seeing the excellent hotel grounds , flower garden and rooftop bars with it's views of the white Himalayas up in the sky high clouds brought back all that , the people and good feeling of traveling and being in Nepal .
The Vajra sponsored in part for by the same cat from Texas that funded the Caravan Of Dreams as well as the 'Biosphere' in Arizona .
We took WG and Bruce Sterling there after Texas that time ...

* Today Ika from Iceland's Sex magazine will interview The Rammellzee
@ the BattleStation , Wed. Nina from Sex will come to take photos for the int.
Rammell fans in the Northern Countries ...

* Set up the French/German TV Arte "Tracks" shoot for The Rammellzee
for next Thurs (20th) with Schyda

* Shin' email that DCC got an offer to license "This Is Riphop" in Japan
from the indie DJ 12" label in Tokyo . Forward to rest of group & Mike @ Tmu

* used much of the wkend to work on the upcoming new DCC EP ,
figuring out track order , preparing for what's left to do ,
working on idea for a new track for the Album that should follow

* MC Kukoo Da BagaBonz heading out to LA for E3 Game Show /Conf. to meet people there , Kukoo's rippin and runnin , got 2 new Game' bts from me to marinate for his trip

* Paul Geluso , engineer / mixer / Co producer who's worked with us on "Nowthenafter" , the DCC rere's , recording all the vocals for "Bi -Conicals"
should be coming by this week so we can work on this public domain song we are working to finish

* looking at more photo & retouched images for Dom 'unreleased & rare' Proj.
and more photos from Noyuri's 1980's ( DCC , Shin with shaved eyebrows ,
Robert Longo opening with black rain Dave Vulcan, Aki )

* and Dystopians are in their studio in West Village , hacking out new sounds

Monday, May 10, 2004

Goodby to all that

just caught the Shawn Carter / last Jay-Z's music video for "99 Problems" on MTV
Whoa ...
nice turn o the bts from Rick Rubin
piling Techno Animal sonics on hiphop that bashes with a bit of
'ol Alec Empire aggro .
A line of naked prisoners , privates blurred by MTV
then it all goes dark and Jay gets shot
multiple times by machine gun ,slo mo playbk , wobbly video Apt. blocks .

Oh , what's Vince doing in the video ?
rolling with Jay-Z down the alley to score ?

The death and rebirth of Shawn Carter . Ok , then