Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Milkshake Of The Gods

Musicwise .
The new Dominatrix tracks /demo went out ,
TUSSLE "Don't Stop" Ep out on Tmu, w/ remixes by Pink Truth & SA
The new DCC "This Is Riphop" Album will be out Feb.24 on Tmu
"Bi Conicals Of The Rammellzee" will be out on Gomma March
We do the new DCC EP in March (hot !)
'No wave proto electro' Comp. EP & Album TBA
Other rereleases TBA

Amon Duul 2 "The UA Years"
NEU 2.
I'd never heard the track "Lila Engel" from Neu '73
until recently then I was , well surprised to realize I'd heard
this main dirty guitar blast and tone before .
Then I played "FunTime" from Iggy's "The Idiot" ('77) a few times to confirm it had been there in "FunTime"

Kelis "Milkshake"
Missy's & Timbaland's "This Is Not A Test"

Like many I was inspired by the Blues series on PBS this year and so have been listening to alot of old Delta Blues ,
down Bentonia way , downloaded 1930's Skip James .
With luck , we will go to the Delta in August

and with a bit more luck , to W Tibet in Sept.

During Thanksgiving i started a reading jag
born of having to get out of the TV room at my relatives house and do something else .
One cousin was sick and coughing all over the place
and the TV bore on .
Scanning cousin Charlie's bookshelf I came up with
Tom Clancy's "Debt Of Honor" and not alot of other options .
I have liked Tom's tech treatment and scenarios and the Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan movies enough to plow right through it .
This one has Japan making some quiet war to take over Saipan and the Japanese parlament in collusion with Indian and Chinese influences against the US.
Ends with lone Japanese pilot flying a jetplane across the US right into the Capitol Building in DC while everyone's gathered there .
Fucking hell

After that i got Clancy's "Executive Orders"
wherein Jack Ryan becomes president after Prez got killed in last act of "Debt Of Honor".
Getting even means global CIA NSA Black Ops scenarios right out of the Toffler's "War and AntiWar".
Probably won't go bk for another after that though
Pentagon porn of a sort all of it

Lost Cities Of China, Central Asia & India
Super - Cannes
CGWORLD 2003 ,
and the "Hammer Of The Gods" book on Led Zeppelin.
Gloriously ...

2003 Year end message

Welly welly well
Happy New Year to everyone
and a big 'Thank you' to everyone who helped (alot)
during this year.
That includes of course, Noyuri . Mal . Tim Saccenti .
Tara & Simon . Jennifer . HJ . Mike @ Tmu . the Gomma boys . Gigolo's Hell & Svejtlana . Mark @ WOS . Tim Sweeney
the entire DCC crew (live , support & Studio) .
Jay Burnette . Ike Yard . Mark Doyle . Fred Dewey .
Michael Holman . Dominique Davalos . Catherine Eng . Gyaltzen Tshering Sherpa
Nick Givotosky & Harvestworks Carol , Paul Geluso , Cory & Taketo . TUSSLE . UT . Robin & Don C . Charles Ball .
Shout outs to Judy . Yasuko . Ume . Marina .
Telma Thormarspottir . Doetzen Kroes . Taka . Takayoshi
Mark C . Mark Ledzian . Robert Longo . Ed Tomney .
John Tagami . JD Adams . Bones . Ruza Blue . Steve Stein . Gretchen Bender . Stephen Vitiello
Dan Setzer . Tokion . W Barg & Steve Breck (Voodooists) . Adesh . Andrew . Colin . Man P . Julian Urbach . Sean Young . Ray V and everyone I forgot to mention.

Thanks to the writers & Bloggers I met :
Matthew . Simon . Jason @ Perfect Sound Forever .
Amy P @ V V . Chuck E @ V V . W Gibson
Q Studios for their help .
Jim Steranko for the inspirations
and the ancient ones of Mu .
RIP those who have passed (noted and unnoted) ...

No thanks to the current regime, Bush & the croneys
hopefully only one more year to go with these in office .
And no thanks to the RIAA ,
and none for their crook recording label members ,
may we litigate again soon .
'We want more life, fuckers ...'

Sunday, December 28, 2003


Just got TUSSLE's "DON'T STOP" on CD from Tmu the other day , have been enjoying.
Fresh reworkings in remix of "Windmill" by
Soft Pink Truth Disco Hijack .
Check out Tussle ,
they're on the move .