Saturday, November 19, 2005

Kode 9 @ Rothko

And so out into last night's cold
I made my way down dark streets and past crowds to enter Rothko
Soon enough the music from the previous band was turned off (yeah ...)
and Joe Nice did sound check , heads nodding with the first dubstep
lights went way down and so the night was underway .
All the DJ's played dubstep, hyperdub , grime hiphop electro hybrid sounds ,
all on the minimal and darker side that you feel the bass and it got you moving .
Don Q played a dubstep set rewinding out of beats , minimal dark primal drum patterns set up ice cold synths swooping mixing into black dark Ed Rush & Optical , Torque hoover bass style matted onto hiphop, electro . Just great
Joe Nice . More great dark minimal drum patterns that pounded along , repeating
rusty acoustic guitar or banjo samples swing the beat , video game synths ,
crazy high pitched synths . White noise rave up , and a Southern bounce cut
and Joe's great attitude beaming to the crowd
Kode 9. And then Kode rocked it in his first NYC show ? in control from his open
More of Kode's special raspy extra dubbed out voices floated out over a track ,
full of scattered voice samples like the mysterious original soundtrack for Alien 6
then onto the next barrages of dark programmed beats tom tom slapping percussion
More eerie high pitched synths gothic over a simple, brutal series of beats.
Waves of delay and reverb ... silence cold space ... Boom boom da boom boom.
A Masterful display Power of rock without guitars and song structures
And Kode's MC was good too !

Earlier in the night, downstairs I heard one DJ i'm not sure it was
Jaydollah or Dev 79 ? may have been Dev 79 who was mixing together an intense frantic, hyper comic dubstep grime breakbeats and Aaliyah when i came down and caught some of his set . Yea, recommend that
Al the DJ's were pretty great the whole night
Satisfied walking back home the streets quiet , cold and the Oval even quieter clear

Friday, November 18, 2005

Empire State human

River outside the Studio rose during the night rain ,
town's siren sweep through the cold air as I lay down to sleep .
Brown hawk lifts off the median strip as the bus passes ,
clutching something small in it's claws.
Low tide on the flats between NJ and NY reveals grey black mud curving through the reeds.
Tip of Empire State Building in the distance ...