Thursday, April 20, 2006

Dys 4 , Psyka

The beeping lock mechanism of a car parked down on the street repeats it's chirr beep about 3 times then a bird in a tree nearby began singing like it was returning the car's call
In the evening a bird goes into a round of clear musical singing as things settle down before the sun goes down
A bird with a different song likes to start singing around 2 or 3 AM
For the last few days feeling that summer dry sun blasting sky white all day too

2 new Dystopian bts during the last cycles +
Manabu has new Pac Man related tracks by Paul Geluso and me up on new Greeting Cats MySpace Pac Man Mission + Pac Man Industries &
the previous , first track Pac Man Jam by Ben Jones

Laid down and listened to the Dystopians DAT so far on headphones
and then the almost 30 minute 9-10 part DCC jam improvisation we did Tue's night,
watched the evening news then went bk and started a new beat
the full moon came out from behind the building then rose to fill half the sky with a finely textured white light into morning