Friday, April 16, 2004

"Wild Style" party Crobar

in celebration of Charlie Ahearn's "Wild Style" ,
we went to ck his party at Crobar last night .
Treated to another memorable set by Grandmaster Caz spinning a barrage of hits and MC'ing over and along with
JKwon's 'Tipsy' , Jay Z "Dirt off Your Shoulder" ,
Usher's "Yeah" boom , 50's "In Da Club" , dub rub da club
Caz got into another short turn at the turntables playing the old hiphop tracks from early '80's
boom baca boom baca boom boom boom boom
the drums thundering up the high ceiling of a rather large main room .
Some breakdancers form a circle on the floor as Eric B & Rakim
GF's roadie wheeled up three metal record cases ,
popped 'em open Grandmaster Flash setting to come on
immediately goes into J Kwon's "Everybody In The Club Get Tipsy" , shouting and a general oh yeah' rises from the dancefloor and the crowd as the club filled up .
The crowd
Pretty mixed , only some people were there for "Wild Style" party but that didn't stop them from responding to that periods great club tracks
Rudolph walked by, ('in the club looking so conspicuous')
I say hello , we talk a bit and he gives me his card .
Hadn't seen him for years , he was co owner of the legendary Danceteria club from 80's
2 Danceteria's , the second one the one that everyone from Mark Kamins - Madonna , Malaria , Einsturzende Neubauten Alien Sex Fiend , Jim Thirwell /Foetus played or hung out at in the early '80's .
Ike Yard and DCC played there a few times
i must have gone there myself easily a 100 nights
just clubbing

We got our 7$ beers and hung out ,
gave some records to Caz ,
met Director Charlie Ahearn , who was showing 'never seen before' behind the scene photos taken from the "Wild Style" shoots . I looked to see if there were any Rammellzee pics , but no

Watched many groups of 2-3 multi ethnic girls
circulating through the club
and by us (Kukoo Da Baga Bonz and me)
We just let them stream by for awhile

Out to the street and outside
the club is packed with a crush of XL jacketed guys ,
Slow cruising SUV Escalade jam circling the club
We headed out

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

thanks for the Flux

This is what I get for not going to Fluxblog for a week or so ...
an amazing bounty of new music , cross genre style
thank you very much .
An oasis populated by the likes of Ju Ju Babies
("Flowers" , a bit more unhinged and edgy then say,
the Vitalic /Linda Lamb cut I heard there . Inhabiting approximately the same galaxy tho ) ,
Circlesquare ("All Sleepers" cool not hot update of 'Rock On')
and The Anomoanon's "Bourbon Whiskey/The Derby Ram" which sounds very now to my ears .
A 'Psychedelic folkdoom epic' that does echo Neil Young
(in a good way) and has a lowdown power that reminds me of Led Zep in a Skip James mode around Lep Zep 3 .

Kind of bowled over to hear these last night as they just stood out from the other QTime cuts on there .
Mixing genres within the cuts themselves , and by hearing them one after another works for me .

On the other hand ...
I wish Felix the ' best of luck on success with his new Album ,
if the track on Flux is the 'best' cut (the DFA bassline is ok),
otherwise the track is about as interesting as a book on electro'clash

and definitely not feeling any Kanye West tracks ,
if his weedy sped up 'soul' record samples are his only production trick - and we have to actually look at the guy in his video cheese , it's too easy to hit the remote .
"Making The Band Pt.2 " is better than that -
and that's not saying a whole lot .

Sunday, April 11, 2004

wk that was

More Reviews of DCC's "This is Riphop" coming in
good one @ DUSTED
also more Reviews on "Bi-Conicals Of The Rammellzee" in ,
and then gomma sent along a pack of reviews from
March Dazed And Confused , Observer Music Monthly by Chris Campion , The Wire , Hiphop Connection, Jockey Slut , Flux Mojo, Logo, Record Collector , Sleaze & Q ...

a check of DJ comments brings kind words from the likes of Dean from Chicken Lips 'Rammellzee returns in fine style' ,
Keith Tenniswood , Andy Weatherall 'Amazing , fucking great !' , Trevor Jackson 'This Album is absolutely amazing !' ,
Johnny Slut , Fil Jones cheers all
We are talking about doing Music Videos for "Bi -Conicals" track(s) and everything else coming up

this was the week that saw Condi Rice bob and weave ,
previously classified documents declassified almost over night after a year of holding back ,
todays Times headline about the FBI and CIA missing two of the 9/11 hijackers when they arrived in US ,
pieces of a continuing peeling back or is it a peeling IN towards some levels of truth(s) that have been buried / manipulated /papered over by the Bush admin. ever since they got into office .
Khalid al-Midhar and Nawaq Alhazmi had flown into the US first class to LA on Jan.15 2000 , Nawaq left the country and returning to the US in June 2001 , ending up in NYC in July.
But the FBI and CIA didn't work closely enough until it was too late
Next week more hearings , this time the heads former heads of FBI (Freeh) and CIA , more finger pointing sure
but it needs to happen so the chips can fall
where they may

warm sun , first high pollen counts of the spring season
Farmers Market @ Union Sq. , bought a bunch of cherry limbs
and a small cactus

listening . Amon Duul 2 "Archangels Thunderbird"
bkground . NHK . Medical drama