Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Still green world

Taking a break outside under the lush new green overhead and spreading through the complex,
find a seat under a tree with white flowers.
80F today.
Three asian tenants sitting at the end of the bench smoke and laugh together.
Students walk by across the wet grass, a kid rides his little bike around the gravel path
The smell of the flowers sweet and relaxing in halflight.
Against growing blackness leaves and limbs outlined in the sky
From the west one of the hawks flies up onto a branch overhead.
Then the other one joins the first and they are doing something up there in the trees.
A leaf falls ...
And the hawks fly off with some new branch bitten off for use in building a late nest.

More Dl's; loads of Grace Jones including the DJ Hell curated German remixes of Libertango, Trevor Horn's Slave To The Rhythm
and the other Island Record years releases. Nightclubbing has been sounding quite good so I went back for more ...
Also Joy Division Live in London 1979 and Robert Gorl's solo.

This afternoon there is a second session with Mark C and Alice Cohen.