Friday, October 31, 2003

the Innis Mode

hello Xtmeng
Dream Heights
Omega , the nuclear cat and kittens
Puppy Hut
Flower communication
Cos Play Marathon
Kotetsu gang
nitric oxide gene lack
Floyd Looker
paranormal borderline
Liquid bomb
Graveyard of the robots
Thailand black market
the urlutiz
ice on the moon

DCC Last night ...

Last night DCC did the party @ Apt. with Tmu and it rocked !
Thank you Alec , Jim and everyone there ...
DJ High Priest played a set that seemed straight from the Mudd Club nights.
And The Rammellzee got on the mic like no one else can.
Cheers to Michael Holman , Mojo , Kukoo , all the ladies and the crowd who seemed hungry to hear those jams.
'Cut it up High Priest' indeed ...
Thanks to all the freaks who did come out .

This AM Amy Phillips send us her full write up on the CMJ gig for the Voice ...

'You probably won't find DCC / featured in any mainstream magazines anytime soon , but that didn't stop the group from rocking harder than everybody else I saw at CMJ.
Playing together for the first time in 20 years/ the reunited ground breaking hiphop godfathers schooled all us young wannabes on how the '80's were DONE ,
mixing Michael Diekmann's No wave guitar skronk ,
Shinichi Shimokawa's funk bass,
SA and DJ High Priest's stark electro beats while the legendary MC's Rammellzee and Shockdell rhymed.
High Priest did the funky robot,
Shimokawa stoically chewed gum, Rammellzee and Shockdell grabbed their crotches alot
and everybody seemed to be having the time of their lives.'

Yeah, that was the gig !

Possibly more to come live
and we already recorded the new tracks for fewture Tmu release .

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

the happening world

Sorry , there has been so much going on
I have not done links or images yet ,
but will soon as i get time

Last week I was chosen to do Jury Duty downtown in a big new Court building - a big time drain that ran through Thurs .

DCC & Tmu have the DCC Album party @ Apt. Thurs night.
Last night DCC recorded 2 new tracks with The Rammellzee .
Gomma in final stages on the "Bi Conicals Of The Rammellzee" Album we produced together ...

Next working on the 'No wave proto electro' EP & LP for Tmu , Dominatrix press & promo Audition ,
making musik for the neu Dominatrix and Dystopians sound,
continuing Studio work on project w/ Judy Nylon ,
preparing for other Rereleases

Cont.developing DVD & TV Special Productions projected for 2005
and helping Noyuri prepare to go bk to Tokyo Nov.6 ...

Sunday, October 26, 2003

"The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" by Dominatrix Rerelease/Remixes on Gigolo

This is the one I was waiting for >
"The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" by Dominatrix Rerelease on DJ Hell's Gigolo Records with wicked remix by Black Strobe is out now.
With the original pink 12" Cover .
I want this release to help obsolete the Warlock Records 'Dance Classic' version that was formerly the only real version of the track available ,
so please pick this one up and stuff it under your jumper.

There will be alot more Dominatrix action coming up including neu Dom musik and multimedia.
I have wanted to do a Dominatrix Album for a long time
and so the preproducing & programming tracks for this upcoming neu Dom Dominatrix Album (working title "Natural & Physical") are well underway by now .

2004 is the 20th Anniversary of the release of the original 12" on Joe Webber's Uproar and Streetwise Records (!)

And I'd still like to rerelease "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight"
DJ Red Alert Scratch mix that was on the 1984 WEA Int. 7" and other Dom unreleased & Sdtks
but that's coming up ...

But today -
here's to Gigolo and DJ Hell , everyone involved .
Cheers and big shout out

DCC gig @ CMJ

The CMJ gig went quite well .
The Troubleman Showcase featured alot of their roster , including the groups we heard :Orthrelm, The Rodgers Sisters , Gang Gang Dance and Broke Revue who all sounded fine .
We had to rush a bit to get off by 11:30 ,
had some technical glitches ( disconnected FX deck and skipping CDR's) but it went quick and worked so well and no one got hurt.
All in all 600 ppl came through The Knitting Factory and
then Main Stage room got cleared for the ODB gig .
I don't know if it happened or not -
ODB may still be on curfew these days .
Ramm's friends Dose , Yuri , and Teresa Lin from WNYU , Kukoo, Ken from Ike Yard came by , among many others .
We got the crowd jumping
Troubleman's Mike made it a pretty great night for us,
and considering that we have not played a gig in almost 20 years -
well done mates.
Shockdell and The Rammellzee were going off on the mic blazing through the set which featured 2 new tracks .
We record these tomorrow night ...

* Next Thurs (Oct.30) we do the DCC Album party @ Apt.
with sets by DCC's DJ High Priest and Shinichi Shimokawa and me , also Tmu's Mike Simonetti & DJ Dan Setzer .
It's free so come