Thursday, September 04, 2008

Summa haze

It's not every week that your father comes to the city for a visit
We ate very well @ Takahachi downtown and took the Circle Line Cruise around the island was first time.
Sweeping view South as you come around the top of the island and into the Hudson River where down river the city spires rise in a hot sun white haze, the high tower in Jersey City, new blueglass buildings in midtown, Ground Zero ...
By the time we disembarked, week's of summer flashed by under the wide sky bowl
Gustav, Hana, Ike down South, schools back in session, Google browser Chrome, Palin @ The Repuglicans gathering.
The Sounds Of Taraab on Tue's night @ Apt., great stuff, Rami played, the oud was excellent, African dancer topped off the first set

DCC. Listening to the last submixes, really good. Paul's engineering, co production helps everything work out and The Studio's sounding better then ever - Galacticoast, Me,Czar Of The Magyars, Runmap and Megacidade
Rounding up > another show for DCC and getting new album demo out to labels
Setting about looking again for labels with the DCC tracks we worked on the other week. We have a short list

outpost. Is the name of the new group from Mark C, Alice Cohen, Rami El Aasar and myself.
Debut l@ Maxwell's Sept. 29th for 'Neumann Leather' Building with Ira from Lo Ya Tengo,
$5 Priest ( with Bob Bert and Norman Westberg ) !

Dystopians. Met Bones and went through plans, played him what I have so far.
Next day began programming next pieces and getting tempos and cues together for late Oct 's Dystopians Alien live score ...
1 'pulse' for the initial search of the ship with prods before they lose Harry Dean Stanton ...
2 first version of a 'Ripley runs' back through ship to get to the escape pod ...