Sunday, November 15, 2009

Outpostings / last wk

Rudements Master tape found by Ian MacKay at Dischord , good conversation afterwards with guitarist Tim Cornish of The Rudements.
Beats In Space 10 year Anniversary poster and T by Rvng Int.
Ike Yard Ep out on iTunes and "Nord" album cover design.
Close to finishing REC003 in Studio yesterday.
Proposing next JG Ballard project venue this week, London has idea for a radio date.
Recording new Outpost, rehearsing for recording, preparing for next show ( in DC , Dec. 4 & 5 ),
Finding interesting new groups to play with.
Keeping DCC on track forward ...

Watched "Australia" with Nicole Kidman and Jackman last night, corny but enjoyable Luhrman who always makes Nicole shine.
The boy was great.
Then "Flashbacks Of A Fool" was also on , with Daniel who plays 007 now. Pretty funny in parts.
But there is a memorable scene with Roxy Music's "If There Is Something" play acting.

Off to Studio ...