Saturday, April 03, 2004


Checked Metal Urbain @ Coral Room last night ,
they rocked in a fun , easy to take way.
Openers Psychic Ills did good for themselves too ,
a bit of Primal Scream guitarline wise .
The Room was not full , but the crowd was better then the aimless , useless ones that clogged it before .
There were some of those too , but they got out the way when they had too .
Props to Crazy Rhythms DJ Society Dan and Mike and to the people who do the Room - nice sound system for groups , surprised how good it sounded.

Got home , caught the Petey Pablo vid on The Box ,
went to sleep with "Freek A Leek" synth lines playing in my head.
Woke up with Usher's "Yeah" playing in my head .
Together with J's latest single , these tracks all have similar synth lines climbing through them, usually 2 that work together to the point that you don't really remember the bt.
I like the effect .

Thursday, April 01, 2004

The Wire piece Cont.

Welly , welly, well
the writer did call the Album
'a bit too 1982 retro/electro/ "Planet Rock" for my taste',
leading me to believe he probably didn't have time to really listen and let it the tracks sink in more (it IS dense) .
He then proceeds to play up last year's Japanese Lt. Ed. release (that he hadn't heard yet) ,
and praises it as 'being reportedly more dubwise in approach and mimicking the massive reverb envelope utilised in "Beat Bop" '.
Well, I have it , HAVE heard it
and those two particular reasons for recommending it don't pop immediately into a listener's mind.
One record is 'for the ages' , made to play together and hangs together and the other one was part of a string of collaborations Rammellzee did over the years that, for the most part you didn't hear about or can't readily find out there .
Thankfully , there is a proper Review later in the issue .
We carefully made and choose the tracks on "Bi - Conicals" to not be 'retro' (ugh ...) ,
naturally 'electro's there (as it was then, is now and will be)
and anyway, we did what we (Ramm & I) wanted to do.
Ramm is so tired of everyone asking about "BeatBop" !
Props to Gomma , Jill and Rob

DCC can remember Bill Laswell , also Afrika Bambaata sitting there on the side @ Danceteria when we did the gig with Rammellzee bk in 1985 .
That night we did our wierd version of Miles Davis' "Mr.Freedom X" just to mess with people's heads and change it up .
You can catch another odd version of it ,
hidden track on DCC (aka Death Comet Crew)
"This Is Riphop" Album ...

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

The Rammellzee in The Wire

Gomma emailed me asking whether I saw The Wire's new issue , sounds like Greg Tate did a 'superb' review and article is 8 pages long .
Well, haven't seen it yet, but I will check it today !
The Album is worth every word written about it.
Don't call it 'Old School' ...
We're way beyond that .