Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Cities for dreaming

For many, NYC and London had long ago grown too expensive to live in
Berlin became supercool Ritchie Hawtin, DJ Hell's Gigolo and So Many DJ's moved there. Some have since moved back
Some friends shack up cheaply in Bangkok post coup
(blasted just the other day, lesbo scene, the food the people),
home to Japanese writers and publishing nexus
NYC has some things going on now, building among it's old Gothamic appeal,
lately no major disasters, plus change up in Albany

Looking back and across times of travel we have been intuitive lucky with timing,
glad to have hung out in Hong Kong in 1987 and again in 1997 before the handover.
Seeing a recent article on Shenzen reminded me of that place then (1987)- and now

More fortuitous timing and luck in Kathmandu in '98 &'00 before the Maoists Vs King politiclimate really heated up.
For some years there have been serious meetings,plans to go back and shoot various HD TV productions, albeit in an armed crew.
And also Bangkok '98 &'00. Evenings spent on Thailand's Phi Phi Island,
the young seemingly homeless cat resting on the front table
Nao on his tuk tuk motorboat out on the bay ... before the 2004 earthquake.
And so it has been instructive to return to Berlin,
to Paris and Tokyo twice these past to years.
Have worked with the best indie labels between NYC, Europe and Japan that we could find at the time, have rereleased 3 main 1980's groups to some great reactions, feedback and continued energy and explorations on many levels.
More Europe gigs and further travel, return to Tokyo and get to work,
follow through on the NYC stuff.
The cities do change on many levels at once, as metropolis' for dreaming
flows a deep longer scaled meta time space
while on other grounds former glories and nation-states go to seed or desert
riding the right side of change or waking up on it's bad side.
So many places to go Kashgar (before it's totally redone by Han),Portugal,Spain, Tunesia, back to Kyoto

But right now am enjoying these solo days of winters white sun,
more early morning sunrises then late nights
Hard late afternoon light jetplanes descending to La Guardia
Reading (last wk Brain Eno's A YEAR with swollen appendices, his 1995 diary,
and over the wkend, Silk Road To Ruin 'Is Central Asia the new Middle East?'
by Ted Rall), writing, programming whittling Oshima cassette/odaiba cassette drum mach and synth shapes like the newest Japan Railway high speed trains