Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tornado over Brooklyn

Early this morning a wall of black storm clouds pushed through the metro area ,
creating at least one tornado that touched down on Staten Island before hopping over to Bay Ridge and Sunset Park Brookyn
Roofs were torn off as 100 car windows were shattered , cars and big trees , powerlines ,
back yard stuff and picnic tables all blown around in the tornado
one resident described as a 'big gray and black blur in the storm'.
Neighbors said was like a boom or train rising noise then it went overhead and gone in 30 seconds ...
The first tornado ever on record for Brooklyn , 3 inches of rain in one hr

We woke up to the rain coming down heavier and heavier
when I went out to the living room lightning was so intense it was flashing in many directions at once , like lightning strobe
There was a blast of stronger wind and with a 'whump' windows blew open as the winds blew through town
clear across fading dark of early dawn out over the ocean

Good stuff last week
Ike Yard keeps working up new pieces ( Ghost skin / a new two beats rough synched + song elements we are calling
'Warm' and I have begun calling 'streetlife' ,
and a new expansive feedback looped one Ken put together on his system plus ... )
and so we are by now well into creating second half of our new Album
a next group phase of work ( freeform soundscapes using new gear Roland synth - Ken's Korg vocoder -
and double beats (two of us make beats to use together and to play off of for the song) hybrids that work in a space
between 'pieces' and songs .
These new ones give us our first 10 - soon our best 13 -15 songs and pieces that we will release

For Warm / 'streetlife' / 'Streedlife' , a new one Ken has been developing and now in focus in just the last week ,
it is the world we live in now that i am interested in describing musically .
The dense multiple layers of sounds and music , artificial voice prompts , noises , sirens coming at you from many angles once you are outside
Discrete sonic worlds threaded globally through the ceaseless and myriad interactions , intentions , productions.
NYC London Paris Amiens Berlin Barcelona Ibiza Lisbon Porto Tokyo Ikebukuro Osaka Kyoto Shanghai Beijing Lhasa
Kashgar Chung King Mansion in HK Bangkok Antwerp Amsterdam Rotterdam streets these days and nights
Propaganda of all sides , layered chatter, meaning and no meaning . Restless and buzzing ...

IY goes to Studio again this coming Sunday and Monday

And the good news on Dystopians is that we've been playing together last wkend and that was real good;
also writing new lyrics , researching subjects for the cuts beyond a projected first Ep
Cold Stars /Din /Self Licking Ice Cream Cone.
So there are now about 6-8 selected tunes and a few more on the way between now and end of year.
It's exciting because I did find new places to go farther into history ,
still exploring the edge between ancient histories and pre history.
Results being ideas for new songs set in long ago ages forgotten by humans
When sorcerers and wizards gathered and did battle
in civilizations we call by now Hyperborean