Friday, January 09, 2004

Britney Vs NRA

In another bit of media today I notice an item about
the NRA's list of hundreds of celebrities , organizations and companies who have shown support for the Brady law
(which requires Fed licensed gun dealers to do bkground checks .
Wot a gig - being a gun dealer ! $, thrills and you sleep well !)

'Is this the NRA ? ,
is it the NSA ? ,
I thought it was the USA ...
or just
Com - pany'

black rain . nanarchy c.'96

'Pioneers' , Repuglicans and digital voting

Considering that America had been saddled for the last 3 years with a President that wasn't really elected fairly ,
it's shocking (hopefully) to see article in Der Spiegel about the current voting machine systems.
This is an article/subject you probably will not see reported
on any 'unfair and biased' Fox Broadcasting Politi /Co...

'America's electronic voting machines are susceptable to manipulation' Jan.5 DS
'Walden O'Dell is entitled to call himself a 'pioneer'.
A businees leader from N Canton ,Ohio qualified when he collected $600,000 for George Dubya Bush's election campaign.
He accompanied this with a pledge to
'do anything possible to help Ohio deliver it's
electorial votes to the president in 2004.'
Well, it maybe used to be a (somewhat) free country
(if you had the lineage , $ and connections) and
he's free to try doing that -
but the problem is O'Dell is also Chief Executive of Diebold Inc.
Diebold, among other things , is the Company that makes 40,000 voting machines that are installed in 37 states
and are supposed to record and count votes Nov.2 ...
Diebold is ranked second in these machines ,
right behind market leader Elections Systems and Software - which became No.1 under Chuck Hagel before he , a Republican , was elected Senator from Nebraska.
Bottom line - there is no way to check if the machines have really recorded what is was supposed to have recorded.
And the voting info is not encoded ,
and so easy to play with if need be .

This is what we US citizens have to deal with in our world 2004.
Nightmarish to imagine 4 more years of the Bush.Cheney.
Rice.Rummy.Wolfowitz.Perle.Pentagon.Halliburton axis
Not at all sure it would be survivable without
regime change

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

This Is Riphop - the DCC Album advance

Today i got a box of the DCC "This Is Riphop" Album from the plant and listened through it.
Am quite chuffed - the mastering is loud and
it tracks great .
It features more live from The Pyramid Club 1984 cuts with
DJ High Priest (yeah, Cut it up High Priest !) ,
at the end of "America" and before the start of "Amphipet"
you so barely perceptible hear this woman exclaim
'you are the wierdest band I ever heard ! '
To which I reply 'you'd better fucking believe it'.
I always crack up at the women screaming at the beginning of "Riflemen" as High Priest scratches us into the track.
The bts of "Funky Dream Two" and "Funky Dream One" are sharp and rough and not oh so far from the bts I hear on
Kiss FM (NYC) these days ('Put your middle finger up ') -
but this stuff was made 20 years ago kid ...
The Rerelease part of the record has the complete
"At The Marble Bar" UK only 12" Beggar's Banquet put out in 1984 with The Rammellzee guest MC'ing in his often imitated
(Cypress Hill) but never duplicated raging freestyle.
The hidden track is some crazy *hit .
Out of the past to blow out present day 'alt hiphop' and zooming like Tron into the future.
"This Is Riphop" on Troubleman Unlimited drops Feb. 24 here.
See u on the oder side

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Free Culture ?

Am looking forward to Lawrence Lessig's next book
"Free Culture: How Big Media uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and control Creativity".
Available in March ...