Thursday, August 07, 2008

Emotional rollermoster

Excellent time riding waves at Brant Beach, dodging the single reddish jellyfish,
gazing out from high porch at dolphin pods cruising up current, a giant orange ball sunset.
Cousin Mike not seen for 43 years, our family spread from NJ to Texas , from DC area to Fla and S Carolina.
'Twilight Zone' -ish moments spend around dining table with one we call 'Aunt' but who's not really Aunt, plates of baked zitti, sliced ham, homemade pirogi's, quiche.
Clear blue skies and bright white sun, great peaceful Brooklyn vibes at Erykah Badu's free show in Crown Heights Mon.,
a great early dinner @ Sushiden with Nazars, then Macy's and Victoria's Secret 34th St. experience Tue's for my birthday walking back from T Square.
Opening for Q Sakamaki's Tompkins Sq Park Book @ powerHouse Arena last night, cheers Q & Kuniko.
Putting Apt. back together after repainting the other week, another painter came back to fix something in bathroom Wed., claiming they would 'repaint the whole bathroom' .
Staples white boxes stacked up, passageways made and moved as needed ...

Tonight the new Mark C -Alice Cohen - Rami - SA unit (as yet unnamed) gets together - first time with all 4 members.
First show looking to be @ Backdoor Oct inside Rehab on Ave. B

DCC up to Studio the 19th & 20th to try finishing tracking the new album, DCC's got 11 new cuts just about ready to pop !

Dystopians to begin sessions making musik for Alien live score next time @ Monkeytown Oct.30 and Mastering tunes for iTunes release through Rec

Ditto new Dominatrix, Mastering and cover for iTunes release through Rec

NowThenAfter SurroundSound DVD 'downtown electronic ' collection for Harvestworks by Oct.

Ike Yard mixing Oshima Cassette for Soul Jazz
and meeting again very soon to discuss tracks for new album release 2009 offer from Phisteric ( Denmark indie )

The Voodooists Mastering for iTunes release
black rain to follow ...

Meeting with Nomi Mon. to discuss her 'next'
Setting about work to get Seed Fund App into city before end of month
Finalizing mid Nov date @ Santa's downtown with DCC /possibly IK - Liquid Liquid unit + with Johnathan Night Train
To begin thinking about venues for possible Christoph de Babylon live for 2009

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Erykah free concert for MJK Jr. series

Last night we took the @ train out to Crown Heights Brooklyn for the free Erykah Badu concert.
We had been digging the album since before it was released , we all pretty much raved about it.
Out the train to see the late afternoon sun on the school - college building in front of the Field where the concert was to be held, people streaming towards it walking faster and faster.
Already 7 PM with show set to begin at 7:30 ...
Then we saw the line !
Long and trailing down one street and onto the next, but not yet moving, street festival air with everyone hoping to get in, older people with canes cutting in line to their friends waving them in,
kids with school backpacks still on, big people, small people Erykah people.
Long wait for her to arrive it turned out, we were treated to the manager of the local Applebees giving out stuff and a preacher to went into his um thing a bit loooong
"We need Christ not crack, manna not marijuan'a' - oops that went down really badly !
Clear blue skies, cooler then last week, some sitting in plastic chairs, some brought fold ups, people having dinner motioning for the ones in front to sit down - place was full and more people streaming in.

Finally her DJ appeared, matching new bts atop trad reggae until blurred.
When Erykah came on all was forgotten, set starting with "The Healer" spaced and a little slower, spread out .
Powder blue jumpsuit open down the front, giant afro billowing, sexy back dancing,
she looked great.
And pregnant too ? ref. Jay Electronica, artist on her label.
The band was quite good, imo better then the previous.
The drummer tight and crisp, drum machine claps, bass and guitar rocked well in the pocket through hour and a half set of the current album and a few older songs.
They basically took the DJ and sampled sounds of the album and internalized it as a band.
Powerful comments about the cops ( 'If yer durty you 'd probably not be here'), sweet sentiments bout unsung artists, creators.
On Obama 'he's already done enough' -
as hey the Black House looks to be coming, this election his to lose.
"The Healer" was best and it was brought back towards end of set "
' Hiphop - is bigger then religion, hiphop -bigger then the Government ...'
Many shouts to Dilla.
Dave Chappelle in the cabinet.
She got on the drum machine and rocked some bts ad lib
The Planet Rock melody loped modulated out through one tune.
As she does on the album, Erykah ( and her producers ) have the ability to tag styles at will,
Be it hiphop, old school, neo soul, an Earth Wind and Fire vibe, touch of Stevie Wonder, jazzy sprinklings , a bit o' Lauren Hill mode or a presence not unlike iconic Diana Ross for these times.
All modern soul, of this moment.
And her voice !