Saturday, May 16, 2009

Night after night after night

All week long ... Night after night ... women beat their men ...

outpost outrageous rehearsals cont. - the songs and pieces are killing; back in today at 2
Only one bit of work left on the Ike Yard 10"; prepare tracks for Citiesglit rmx
Voodooists tracks by early next week
DCC set early June date for mixing album
First session recording Judy Nylon's splendiferous narration for the 'new lit audio movies' series #1 on REC :
JG Ballard tribute bubbling, something new has come across the desk every week since putting the word out.

Got onto FaceBook last week, had avoided doing it /too lazy to join /couldn't be bothered but as people were 'inviting' me,
I went ahead and did it.
Found the last remaining person in the world I was looking for- my old elementary school friend John T who used to spend Saturdays drawing robots and spaceships together.
Also many people from various NYC club and music scenes; Danceteria , Mudd Club, Sisters Of Mercy , MALARIA !

Dance Of Days updated.
After emailing Mark Jenkins in DC before the outpost Avant Fairfax show,
we found that he is currently working on revised edition of "Dance Of Days".
Our group from high school , The Rudements were mentioned in the original edition.
It was great to hear from Mark as recently I had contacted many people from the old DC scene and going there was fun.
outpost may go back again tba