Saturday, March 12, 2011

in a moment

things are happening quickly , getting faster now
in the studio this week for tracks on 2 songs for Nomi
Ike Yard "Nord" out in Japan
O13 continued mixing demo & album, sent mix of Remote Purity Control to Everythingischemical
DCC finalized deal to do a comprehensive reissue w the new Streetwise label that will include the 10m live at Danceteria 1984 MC Phase Two , DJ High Priest & DCC brands of hip hop

an excellent Koetsu documentary on NHK, we were led through his life and works by Japanese 'super producer' who went to see the Japanese artists completely blackened raku cup come out of it's cabinet , Koetsu's home in Kyoto .
our own memories of being brought there by our friend Kyoichi in 1988 ...
thursdays night catching the last 20m of Metropolis's future city's destruction, post - Akira style anime tower structures buckling to explode, a whole sky line crumbling , pieces raining down in such super colors.
the blonde haired automaton clings to life from a suspended metal cable above red fiery jumble collapse
then woke up to the Japan quake ...