Friday, August 18, 2006

City that never sleeps

Cool and less humid , great sunset now quiet breeze

DCC Session . Just bk from Studio upstate where we got tracks done on Ignition Spark, Alpha delta is now coming together and Moons on Titan seas complete musically.
We also transfered an amazing 25 min DCC DAT jam from last time we got together,
great crazy DCC music . If you liked This Is Riphop's live jams from The Pyramid then you may also like this new stuff and it figures on our new Album plans.
We are now within 1 long session of having almost all tracks complete for the whole Album - but we won't get it it until we return from Paris Oct.11 ...
The Album may be with meteosound /Shitkatapult like the current
"From The Power House" 12

NY Noise 3 last package went out today with new masters ,
Dom 'City that never sleeps ' master & photos.
All texts done by now (Jacqui Ham of UT , Dike Blair , Judy Nylon and me)

Didn't get out to ck RJD2 @ Pier 54, Kaleta and Zozo Afrobeat @ Summertime or Kudu @ Stuyvesant Cove
but am now preparing to go up to NH's White Mtns
from next Mon. to Friday the 25th
The Presidentials , Mt. Jefferson during the day , making music at night
home for a week - then off to Tokyo until the 27th

City that never sleeps , the unreleased Dom cut also gets a release on the upcoming Delic /Phunk Records 9/20 with party in Tokyo the 25th >>