Thursday, October 02, 2003

welly welly well

Dystopians ...
we play a double game .
reproducers and Channelers .

Doublethink , newspeak and the future of unwisdom
' A Dystopia is any society considered to be undesirable' ...
instant History . record . instant replay . fforward . playbk . record

Dystopians Saturday night @ Void . Soho NYC
11:30 - 1 AM . $5 reduced list

glad to see we made the current Time Out mag Club listing ,
but i have to correct something , and that's to assure that I am not behind the decks - my mates Tim Saccenti and Mal Torrance will take care of them !

we are working on the set and will be in Studio with it to produce for next weeks 'Beats In Space' Tim Sweeney's radio show on WNYU . Oct.9

hope to see you there