Thursday, October 12, 2006

rainy night in Amiens

On the 5th after arriving in Paris went through customs
the group had a laugh with some workers there , some funny people in various lines
and were picked up by Louis at CDGaulle Airport outside Paris
we then crossed flat fields North to Amiens to Ibis Hotel grey skies drizzling.
During the evening the rain really came on thought of it crossing the Black Atlantic , out there between the lands , dumping rain onto the ocean surface
thick drops adding to a layer of fresh water
That night excellent dinner at La Soupe A Cailloux on Place Au Don , St.-Leu
set up with Pascal the promoter. DCC got to eat with
Pixeltan, Gavin & Delia , Kunt , DJ's and people from Amiens
We rocked 'em in Amiens and did 2 encores (Rifleman and deepSpacewoman),
Pixeltan really rokked 'em at their late show @ Republic ,
we caught the last notes of their set but they did an encore that was sweet ,
just right on rough electro looping beats grooving to the end
We got to next venue and there was Sascha - Apparat (Shitkatapult) tending his electrotechnoid crowd of 2 -300 more or less out in the open air
under the full moon white nights
Sascha had copies of the Meteosound "From The Powerhouse" 12" that has DCC's
Drag racing on it thank you

Bk to Ibis by 4:30 or so
Can hear more music playing louder and louder from somewhere out there beyond the window of the room, kind of aggro male vocal chants , rapping , stark bts kicking in again and again

Leaving to Paris by large car
A row of high windmills across the skyline
and then first glimpse of the distant shapes of Eiffel Tower and tall Monmarte towers off far away still at the end of the freeway leading into it ...

Rain out of NY still falling out on the Black Atlantic
Listening . Keith Jarrett Paris concert '88


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