Saturday, October 14, 2006

Gare Du Nord

took a long walk downtown today for the first time since getting back Tue's night
to EMF's Ear To The Earth fest.@ 3 Legged Dog and caught the North pole based Andrea Polli piece video , music tone based on temp data through months of outdoor camera footage
Walking back the city felt like the 'next town' on a trip as opposed to where I actually live so there is some post trip bubble going on ...
Over the past 6 weeks of int. traveling Tokyo NY Paris has been a constant parade of images , ad spots in the different countries, TV, Cable Hi Def
The amount of cool books and mags you can find in the great bookstores in Shibuya,
Logos I always go back to when i get there
it was a real good time listening to the music on the select CDR at Mixoffice and again at Gattaca Aoyama Bar
This time out we didn't buy so many magazines or books
i was thinking about how little we buy magazines anymore
In the 1980's and into '90's i used to buy them for info and /or images but that has slowed to almost no buying
Paris has some chaotic traffic , the jam we went through close to Gard De Nord was horrendus ,locked stopped until finally some guy took it upon himself to get out and go around soundly slapping cars into stopping and generally making order for some seconds there - and then we were through it
Mystics of Les Halles and therabouts , guys selling roses ,
anarchy t shirts and hoodies ...


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