Thursday, October 12, 2006

into the Seine

From the hotel on Timbaud in the 11th A across to the Tuleries ,
watching the Seine Sons of Cain and onto the Louve , where we cruised right in .
The Hammurabi Code , essential document of Babylonian civilization
stone in the form of a black basalt stele recording 282 laws,
the Mastala of Akhethetep , Ehih-11 4th C BC
Oriental antiquities Mesopotamia Akkad Dynasty and Gudea , Persia and the Lavant Sumerian tablets 5000 year old statues from Suza

In the park at Halles the big crows peck through plastic bags after lunch on funky Halles front street , back through the Marais, visit Muji until later
Dinner excellent Viet Namese food in the 16th A after the rain
and walk back along the Seine down as far as across from Notre Dame ,
going out into the centers of a few pedestrian bridges
and feeling the Seine flowing below us
During the day we had seen two stone stair ways on the other side that went down into the river and thought about going down there

As much as I wanted to also go to the Pompideau / Bouburg and Musee Gustav Moreau
but timing didn't work out for them
By Tue's I was conserving energy to make one more jaunt before we had to go
and that was to Pere-Lachaise cemetary , not so far from Timbaud .
That was pretty intense , beautiful and quiet
layers of graves stones , some up high on this hill , waves on waves of crosses, tombs , all crossed by cobblesblock stone roads and inhabited by packs of big crows.

Happened upon Chopin's grave and the smount of people led me to Jim Morrison's site
complete with riot barrier type bars on one side , but still a place where fans can throw flowers as the one black clad lady did
Oscar Wilde , Bizet , Delacroix , Proust , Victor Noir , Balzac all under bright Paris sun cloudless afternoon sky
want to screen that footage tonight


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