Monday, October 25, 2010

Countdown to Europe

Four birds flying South together ,
see them from the corner of my eye while watching the leaves tipped in sun.

Five for Europe next Wed. Nov.3 @ Newark Airport.
3 shows ( Lisbon, Porto, Berlin ),
one of those a 'JG Ballard night' @ Serralves Foundation , Oporto.
One radio 'Live' ( London's Resonance FM w Jonny M ) +
one radio interview ( Berlin's Reboot FM w Barbara M )

Time & space Portugal , Andalusia , Tangier , Berghain , Raum 20 , Grunwald ,
Tate Modern for Wei Wei's 'sunflower seeds' , Rotterdam and ... ?

Some intra - travel still to book, stays in each area.
Return NYC Nov.23

Tetsugo Hyakutake @ Alan Klotz
Walter Cotten photo works
Solar Bears mix
Vitalic Midnight Express
Irina's Theme , Run To The Bridge from Cat People sdtk by Giorgio Moroder team
Berlin Super 80

Nomi tracks ,
Ike Yard vinyl cover art done and sent out
DCC remixer tba
Dominatrix deal tba
O13 12" of sdtk for KT Auleta's Nowness piece tba


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