Saturday, October 30, 2010

lull before Nov.

Honking of geese growing louder out of the East around 9 am until we could see a ragged v formation flying high above 15th St. and the East River. Crossing town they changed directions a couple times and broke form eventually veering South and flying out of sight.
Cold walking home last night.

The other week there had been a cat loose - or left out that was living among the bushes around the Oval green here in the complex. Thankfully it appears to have been taken in by some people I met out there one night after i saw the cat, a big , young tabby with white paws moving under the shrubs.

Another morning there was a pigeon head neatly bitten through to lie on the pathway,
a small pile of feathers on the other side of the walk.

Beautiful skies these last couple weeks seasons change yellow red orange


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