Sunday, July 17, 2005

"Inflatable Duplex"

Thanks to Michael Kaufmann (Soul Junk and other music projects)
I have three drawings from 1988 in his "Inflatable Duplex: Architecture By Non Architects" show at Harrison Gallery in Indianapolis .

"The 1996 Games" from 1988 is the art / best rendering of the three .
During some moments bk during the cyberpunk period , partner William Barg and myself were thinking and planning a range of projects from the
"Hip Tech High Lit" project (WB/SA/W Gibson/B Sterling/Sean Young/Judy Nylon @ Caravan Of Dreams in Fort Worth & Biosphere Arizona '87),
SRL Video with small book release with Peyotol in Tokyo ,
and multiple music , nightclub cyberartists projects .
In this mode , the drawings i did then were filled with steam jetting through passageways and space ship corridors .
Game Zones for competition s real & virtual , biofdbk , scans , results Gamecycles

1988 . We were constantly scanning the media , pre internet
William contacted Syd Mead and we were sent glossy depictions of his concepts of lush botanicalized plazas , resort built into the side of a Hawaiian hillside .
He also called the guy who did the biggest Monster Truck shows about having SRL do a Monster Robot Show .

2005 . First showing of these drawings , easy to deal with Michael , a good experience .
Cheers Michael and keep it up


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