Wednesday, July 20, 2005

City in steam fog

The last days in the city have been so steamy , humid , like when you have to go down into the subway and you get that super hot blast of air - now you can get it by just stepping ... outside .
Coming back from BBQ at Billy Kluver's ol' house on Sat. night we could see the city with this heat fog cap across the tops of the tallest buildings ,
All the highway everything glowing or smeary in the haze.
I cannot remember there being such a stretch when it's stayed like this for days and days .
Well, tomorrow i go right into another hot city , Tokyo

Then I heard last night that after arriving Tokyo tomorrow , on the wkend we will be going out to the country for a tree house convention' ,
so that sounds pretty chill already ...
I take that as a sign this trip will be a great one.

So, if you are in Tokyo July 30th,
or Osaka July 29th , come on down to the Show

Will be back August 18
Cheers all and keep cool if you can ...


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