Thursday, March 17, 2005

Innis mode

Tectonic plates under Aceh loosened by the Dec.quake - probably more quakes to come.
I tie the Niigata quake , the Dec.S Asian quake and Mt St.Helens venting together.
Tokyo unfortunately in between.

Bandits in the Straights Of Mallacca kidnapped crew of a Japanese tug

N Koreans buying phone cards to call fam in the South ,
South Korean journo's sending cell phones to N Koreans who only take chance to call outside country when at their rural garden plots , burying the phones in the dirt when they leave.
Defaced Kim Jong poster in smuggled videotape

Musharif claiming Pak forces had Bin Laden almost caught in their dragnet
'about 8 months ago' - a few days before ol' Condi Rice touches down in Pakistan

Live Door vs Fuji TV

'Can a virus hitch a ride in your car ?'
'We won't see John Carpernter's 'Christine' becoming a reality any time soon'
says Thilo Koslowski , VP of Gartner G2 research firm


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