Sunday, March 13, 2005

2 fires and a virus

Unsettling TV news of 2 recent high rise fires (Madrid and Taiwan) .
The Madrid business Tower burned for days , heli's zoomed in on twisted blackened sections of the structure , would it collapse ?
The Taiwan office building fire rained debris down on the surrounding streets and onlookers for hours , fire hosed apocalyptic cityscape littered with half burnt papers

Rding yesterday online about the Chinese Gov. and their stepped up antics against any and all from Falun to Tibetans .
This time it was the 3rd round of cyber attack actions coming from Beijing,
with the Gov sending out emails w/Trojan Horse virus inside that made it possible for Gov to track your online actions .
The mail appears to be an official notice from some figure in the Tibetan community
and asks you to open the attachment


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