Sunday, December 05, 2004

100 tracks

several aims , many kinds of music , more releases : public domain music , sisters , hiphop , Dystopians

in doing the public domain music Ep , Judy Nylon and i decided to work up new versions of classic songs that are still heard sometimes , but are growing farther out there into at the edge of American's minds .
My parents generation definitely heard some of those old songs in their day ,
more so then my generation .
Judy wrote new lyrics for her version of the old classic "Yellow Rose Of Texas"
and I am working with Paul Geluso on the music & soundesign for
"In The Good Old Summertime" new version with vocals by amazing Liz Janes
(current album is "poison & snakes" on Asthmatic Kitty ).
We're working on adding more new tracks and overdubs ,
Paul had to get a bigger ProTools System in.
We work to get to some new kinds of maximalist band /sonic palettes into these genre pieces and do a series of new songs - pieces -soundtracks that have 30 -40 tracks and more ... I won't be able to push beyond that with "Summertime" this time ,
but i do have two more big maximalist production songs in the works and coming along closer to bubbling into production - the first release from sisters , an EP and Dystopians first EP - and those two pieces '"Tales of the Seventh Gate" and "Din" should get us close to my goal of working in more detail with 50 -75 even 100 tracks of audio to mix from . We should do some Surround Sound 5.1 mixes and get those out there

Sisters first Ep will feature material that's been coming together for the sisters concept over a period of years including "neofolktale" a remix of this future tale narrated by actress Sean Young in 1987 originally for our cyberpunk project 'Hip Tech High Lit',
, "goddess awakens in the brainforest" S East Asian technopop ambient
and an epic "Tales of the Seventh Gate" conjouring up sounds of Silk Road

hiphop . DCC "This Is Riphop" '04 , "Bi -Conicals of The Rammellzee" '04 ,
Kuoo's Album '05 , new DCC Ep "RollinTumblin Rider" '05 , new hiphop Ep series
TBContinued ...

Dystopians already makes good electronic music , we have a handful of pieces that all work in ways that remind us of electronic music we like , but as we grow beyond that stage and we get into a new music , with some new vocab. , playing with structures and sound combinations
Mal (DJ , synth kybds,v) and I (prog , synth kybds , v) will probably be working with help of a strong bassist who can really rock , plays with bow , knows his fx playing ,
can double on guitar for tracking as needed and figure out some great way to debut live with whole group bearing down , boombox infrasound riot , dancers
You know , a whole Dyystopians review


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