Saturday, December 11, 2004

'Pet' Wildebeest tramples owner

Strange voiced whale at large in the ocean .
Normally Baleen whales emit sounds at 15 -20 Hertz ,
this whale has been wandering the Pacific for the past 12 years
singing talking at 52 Hertz

US House fires eco terrorism ?
Marine wanted in death of Roumanian rockstar .
Teofil Peter , bass player with Compact was in the passenger seat when the marine crashed into the car he was in , killing Teofil . Teofil was honored in his homeland and his music was played all night in his hometown in Transylvania
NYC. Kerik out
Austrian Grocery Plus' chain was offering baragin Botox treatments , sparking outcry
Ukraine . Yushenko was poisoned with Dioxin
Knife wielding construction worker on drugs held 9 year old schoolboy hostage for 4 hours in Bangkok before he was shot witth rubber bullets and beat severely by the crowd . the boy was unharmed

Pet' Wildebeest tramples owner . N Indiana


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