Friday, July 09, 2004

Heisei Nakamura -Za

It's been an interesting week ...
Noyuri has gotten ready for next weeks arrival of the ANA people
coming into town to shoot and cover the NYC debut performance of 'Heisei Nakamura-Za'
Kabuki in Damrosch Park as a part of Lincoln Center summer series.
Starring Nakamura Kankuro V and taking place in a recreation of an Edo period playhouse -
a 545-seat shibaigoya ,
the buzz on Kankuro is that he's taking kabuki back to it's roots in street theater.
ANA's in-flight magazine has hired her to coordinate their side and photographer Mick Rock is being brought in to shoot this
so we set up the shoot backstage and during rehearsal and whatever else Mick is gonna need.
I've never seen a kabuki play , so hopefully i can sneak in this time


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