Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Stones in the sun

have been listening to Miles "Bitches Brew" and "In A Silent Way",Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter's Weather Report records
finally listening through the Skip James (1930) and Robert Johnson ('36) Collections
, found the CZUKAY ,WOBBLE , LIEBZEIT CD , "Full Circle", took me back to the buzz on the dancefloor at the Mudd Club when
"How Much Are They?" or "Where's The Money?' came on , usually getting late into the night

Thanking FluxBlog for posting
Lolita Storm's "Dancing With The Ibiza Dogs"
and Lynsey DePaul's "Getting A Drag". I remember Lynsey was on a Mott The Hoople album cover in the '70's

Caught the BET Awards TV Show , the wordy, corny old school tribute helped by the performance of waves of great OG's
like The Sugerhill Gang , Slick Rick , energetic showmen Dougie Fresh
on another level there was Jay-Z's performance of "99 Problems" with live 'band'
consisting of Rick Rubin mostly in shadow , Dave Navarro , Kid Rock (!?) and the drummer from Roots.
Too bad Bill Cosby or D Chappelle weren't presenting

Also finally saw "The Day After Tomorrow"
after rding articles and checking info on the effect of North Pole melt water ,
cold water and effect on the global cold water conveyor that cools the equator's warm water and keeps the planet warm enough for
us humans .
Some memorable sequences in "The Day After"...
Best Manhattan under water Movie work since Spielburg's "AI"
I want to see the cities plan for rising tides and river levels due to global warming ,
they would have to build something to wall off Manhattan , especially the lower island.

We can end up with a scenario not unlike that in Jack Womack's "Ambient" and after 9/11 ,
where the island is divided and you can't go between zones without proper ID or pass .
i could imagine they could /should move the Stock Market to Gov'ner's Island to be on firm ground in case of earthquake ,
'hundred year storms ,suicide bombers and trucks,
dirty (and other) nukes .

Hmm, where IS that plan ?


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